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Hi! This website is an archive of current and past publications and work. You can find information here on my services, background and current writings and other postings. My global consultancy, David South Consulting, can be found here: www.davidsouthconsulting.com.

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Website changes for 2020: We will be making big changes to our online content in the next month or so. The older content from past client work will be archived and separated from current work and priority will go to new clients. If you are a scholar or journalist, it will still be possible to find our resources online through a Google search (we have archived content on many other platforms, including Google Books, SlideShare etc.). If you are ‘old school’, then you can also find key publications in various library collections (British Library, Library of Congress, University of Toronto etc.). Our main brand website, davidsouthconsulting.com, will migrate to Squarespace 7 to make it more device fluid. This website, davidsouthconsulting.org, will be focused on blogging and campaigning.

Read about the Strange Saga of South-South News. In 2015 US authorities arrested executives of New York-based South-South News and the Global Sustainability Foundation, as well as the former President of the UN General Assembly, John Ashe. In a series of court trials from 2015 to 2018, a conspiracy to bribe UN officials and launder money into the United States was revealed.

Strange Saga of ‘South-South News’

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Southern Innovator Scale-up

Southern Innovator magazine has a scale-up plan to expand the brand’s global presence and better serve the global South’s innovators with the information and resources they need. It was developed with the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC). Our Phase 1 fundraising goal is for US$1.5 million.