Songdo smart city is at the cutting edge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as well as home to the UN’s Green Climate Fund (

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Model Indian Villages to Keep Rural Relevant

By David South, Development Challenges, South-South Solutions SOUTH-SOUTH CASE STUDY  The world’s rush to urban centres is the great challenge of the 21st century. In 2007, the world became a majority urban place. The consequences of this shift can be seen in the blight of urban poverty, with its slums and squalor, environmental degradation, and rising […]

Innovation from the Global South

By David South, Development Challenges, South-South Solutions SOUTH-SOUTH CASE STUDY  A major study has documented a rising tide of scientific innovation coming from Asia’s fast-developing countries, especially India and China. Conducted over 18 months by UK-based think tank Demos, it challenges the conventional wisdom that scientific ideas come from the top universities and research laboratories of […]

The Strange Saga Of “South-South News” | May 2018

“We will be asking: is bribery business as usual at the UN?”, US Attorney Preet Bharara, October 2015 “If proven, today’s charges will confirm that the cancer of corruption that plagues too many local and state governments infects the United Nations as well.”, US Attorney Preet Bharara, October 2015 “Corruption at any level of government […]

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