Songdo smart city is at the cutting edge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as well as home to the UN’s Green Climate Fund (

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Professionals features posts of interest to those either working and/or studying in international development, or health and human development. Posts will tackle serious issues that have a significant impact on professionals, or the field in general.


4th Industrial Revolution

Peace Industrial Complex

Post-Wealthism: Exploring the Political Economy of ‘Post-Wealthism’

Upcoming posts: Coronavirus Timeline, High-Level Corruption at the United Nations, The United Nations’ “Dirty Crew”: Sleazy senior UN officials who caused the biggest rift between two Security Council (P5) members since the Cold War, Machiavelli’s UN, the FCPA and international development, intellectual property theft and data collection, the history of spies and spying at the United Nations.

Upcoming Briefing Reports: Summer 2020 Satellite Launches, 2015 UN Bribery Scandal Timeline and Connector, OutWolfed: Strategy and Tactics in the Platform Wars.

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‘Jacked! | The Taking of the American Order

“We will be asking: is bribery business as usual at the UN?”, US Attorney Preet Bharara, October 2015 “If proven, today’s charges will confirm that the cancer of corruption that plagues too many local and state governments infects the United Nations as well.”, US Attorney Preet Bharara, October 2015 “Corruption at any level of government undermines the […]

2009: Development Challenges, South-South Solutions

2009 ISSN 2227-3905 December Southern Art Hubs Grab Attention for Creative EconomyDevelopment Challenges: Regeneration – of poor neighbourhoods, districts, even whole countries after a conflict – is both a challenge and a key to transforming lives. One approach that has a track record is turning to artists and creative people to re-imagine a neighbourhood or country’s […]

Development Challenges, South-South Solutions Newsletter

ISSN 2227-3905 Development Challenges, South-South Solutions is the monthly e-newsletter for the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation in UNDP (formerly the United Nations Development Programme’s South-South Cooperation Unit). I research and write all stories (since January 2007). You can view the original website here. The stories are in English, French and Spanish. Here is […]

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Summer 2020 Satellite Launches

2015 UN Bribery Scandal Timeline and Connector

OutWolfed: Strategy and Tactics in the Platform Wars

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