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We have worked with medical and health professionals to help them communicate and undertake complex communications projects, either better connecting with patients and other healthcare professionals, or just using digital media effectively. We played a key part in a major modernisation plan for a healthcare system (National Health Service), being called a “role model”. 

From 2001 to 2003 I led the development of the GOSH Child Health Portal for the NHS.

Case Studies:  

Case Study 5: GOSH/ICH Child Health Portal | 2001 – 2003 

Health and Medical Journalism 

Canada’s Medical History Community 

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Mongolian Rock and Pop Book: Mongolia Sings its Own Song

Publisher: UNDP Mongolia Communications Office/Press Institute of Mongolia Managing Editor: David South Editorial Advisors: Ts. Enkhbat, Mustafa Eric, David South Author and Researcher: Peter Marsh, Indiana University Copy Editor: N. Oyuntungalag Production Editor: B. Bayarma Published: 1999 ISBN 99929-5-018-8 In the Mongolian language, the book explores how Mongolia’s vibrant rock and pop music scene led on business innovation and entrepreneurship in the country…

Environmental Public Awareness Handbook: Case Studies and Lessons Learned in Mongolia

Publisher: EPAP and UNDP Mongolia Communications Office Published: 1999 UNDP Mongolia Communications Coordinator: David South Author: Robert Ferguson ISBN 9992950137 The Environmental Public Awareness Handbook: Case Studies and Lessons Learned in Mongolia was published in 1999 by the UNDP Mongolia Communications Office. The EPAP Handbook and the Mongolian Green Book were funded by the European Union’s TACIS…

War, Peace And Development | May 2018

Preface It could be said the world and the global order both stand at a crossroads. Countries have never been so connected as they are today because of the communications revolution that began in the 1990s. The trade linkages brought about by the most recent phase of globalization (post-1980s) have dramatically increased prosperity for some…

Hip-driven Pump Brings Water to Parched Fields

By David South, Development Challenges, South-South Solutions SOUTH-SOUTH CASE STUDY Finding ways to increase agricultural productivity is key to expanding food supplies and making farming pay. With the world’s population continuing to rise and becoming more urban, there is a pressing need to improve both the quantity and quality of food supplies. The many small-scale farmers across…


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Taking Medicine To The People: Four Innovators In Community Health

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