Happy New Year! 2012

Dear all,

2011 saw the roll-out of new global magazine Southern Innovator. SI represents a new phase for DS Consulting and ushers in many new and exciting developments for 2012.  New issues of the magazine are currently in development and will be released soon.

Have a look at the draft covers of the new issues:

SI is intended to showcase innovation-led ways people across the global South are making money and fighting poverty. It is distributed around the world and online (southerninnovator.org). As the target year for the Millennium Development Goals, 2015, approaches, the relevance of Southern Innovator will become clear as governments and people scramble to try and meet the goals.

The magazine has been well received and has been called “a terrific tour de force of what is interesting, cutting edge and relevant in the global mobile/ICT space.” A web ad for the magazine highlights the modern design and crisp graphics:

Since 2007, DS Consulting has been working with the United Nations Development Programme’s Special Unit for South-South Cooperation, tracking the most exciting event of our times: the rise of the global South as an economic powerhouse. As the year closed, DS Consulting attended the Special Unit’s South-South Expo in December of 2011 hosted at the Food and Agriculture Organization’s headquarters in Rome, Italy.

On top of documenting the trends and new players shaping this fast-changing world, since 2010, DS Consulting has been partnered with Icelandic graphic designer and illustrator Sólveig Rolfsdóttir. 2012 will bring more opportunities to see work by this highly talented designer.

Keep up with what DS Consulting is doing by either checking back with this blog or look at our public website, www.davidsouthconsulting.com, which represents the next phase of expansion. It is structured around the key practice areas and features past case studies and successes. Over the last two years, the back catalogue of previous work has also been migrated online (http://www.scribd.com/DSConsulting). This includes work rescuing Mongolia’s economy from the biggest peacetime post-WWII economic collapse and transformative work in child health with the UK’s National Health Service.

DS Consulting is currently looking into a move to aid with further expansion and is seeking a location that will provide the right environment to flourish. I look forward to this year’s challenges and wish everyone a Happy New Year!


DS Consulting


ORCID iD: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5311-1052.

© David South Consulting 2021

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