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We have been delivering content to websites since 1996. If we call that 1.0 of our web journey (Canada’s id magazine), then the upcoming gridded WordPress website is version 6.0. On that journey there have been many highs (winning awards and travelling the world) and innovations. For a first-time visitor, I would recommend snooping around and using the Search tool at the top of the page. There is journalism, knowledge-sharing, data, plus big-picture papers, historical works and raw material archived from the many projects I have worked on. The new front page for the website will capture all of this and point readers to the best bits of the website. Importantly, this is a living and breathing work-in-progress and whilst the majority of content is archival (going back to 1991), the key thematic areas – health, human development, innovation – will come alive with new work. And, yes, it is possible to sponsor and advertise on this blog. We will be posting the criteria for suitable advertising soon (we have been receiving many requests so we do need to offer some clarity: think UN Global Compact meets Monocle meets Wired meets MIT Technology Review). Finally, thank you to the long list of amazing collaborators and supporters over the years! David South, Senior Partner

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When the site launched in 2007, it was an early adopter of blogging for international development. Much has changed since (please read Southern Innovator Issue 1): we now live in a mobile device world and a majority urban world. When stories were first posted to this blog, they were linking together people and trends mostly overlooked by the wider world. This included the rise of the global South, the rapid adoption of mobile phones and information technology for development, increasing urbanisation, and a rising 21st-century global innovator culture vibing off these trends to solve problems. The global magazine Southern Innovator is about this world and this culture. It now needs to enter a new phase to better serve its readers and to reach those who are still not reaping the benefits of the 21st century.

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